4 February 2015

(sic 85) Arkhe 'Rift' C-21 available!

4 February 2015
Website finally updated with information and links about 'Night Science V', which was released two weeks ago. I have also finally moved the ordering page over to a Storenvy page, let's see how this goes.

26 June 2014
Three new releases, sorry for the delay on these:
(sic 83) Jah Excretion & Torturing Nurse C-20
(sic 82) Smell & Quim & Onomatopoeia 'Live At Kirkstall Lites' CD
(sic 81) Hal Hutchinson 'Metalworks' 7"
Chrysalis recently recorded an outro for Carved Cross, for use on a split LP. Also recently played 'Grimoire' at Dark MoFo.

12 February, 2014
Four new releases, three now unleashed after limited quantities being available in Adelaide last November:
(sic 87) Theologian 'Bone Marrow Golem' C-20
(sic 80) Rope Society 'One Word Definition' C-35
(sic 79) Dead Boomers 'Outcalls' C-11
(sic 61) John Murphy & Ben Taylor CD (co-released with Ben)
Chrysalis also has a semi-anonymous new track on the 'Death Pact International - Australia Units' CD available now on L. White.

October, 2013
Three new releases:
(sic 76) Existence In Decline 'Kunlangeta' C-46
(sic 73) Government Alpha & Xtematic 'Sound Rarefaction' 12"
(sic 72) Amputation Theory 'Voyeur' C-70

12 February, 2013
Three new releases:
(sic 77) Haare 'A Split Second In Eternity' C-40
(sic 74) VipCancro & Andrea Borghi split C-46
(sic 68) Kazuma Kubota & Self-Inflicted Violence 7" (co-released with Underground Pollution).
Comprehensive distribution updated undertaken, too - and with more titles on the way.

6 September, 2012
My copies of (sic 75), the Body Cargo/Pogrom 'Resistance' CD are now here. This has been co-released with Terror.

14 June, 2012
On top of a signifiant distribution update, four new efforts are now availabler for the noise discerning public:
(sic 65) Diagram: A 'Eraser_Fill_Show' C-35
(sic 67) K2 'Junk-A-Tohgenkyo' CD (includes collaborations with Incapacitants and Yukinori Kukichi)
(sic 69) Keränen 'As Below So Above C-35
(sic 70) Brume 'Quicksand' C-70
Look for more new titles, including more cassettes in my ongoing series of ridiculous packaging, soon.
Chrysalis also has a collaborative track with Agit8 on the new 'Machines Of Modern Dysfunction Vol. 1' 7" on Phage Tapes. I'm very proud to be on vinyl and in such esteemed company.

8 January, 2012
Three new titles are unleashed:
(sic 61) GX Jupitter-Larsen & Winters In Osaka 'Giant Baba' 7" (a portion of each purchase price goes to the Red Cross for Japanese earthquake/tsunami relief)
(sic 63) GM Electronics 'Manticora' 3"CDR
(sic 66) Fecalove 'Total Fucking Ignorance' C-40.
A little late than never, I should also report that my 'essentials' list/commentary was published in issue #6 of Special Interests published by Freak Animal.
Chrysalis is working on a track for David Tonkin's Death Pact International project, and hopefully finalising a track for a long-overdue LP project.
I say it every time, but fuck Australia Post seems to be costing more every time. It's not just my imagination - they raise their prices twice a year. Having a robust Australian dollar has also affected my international prices (which are still in US dollars - this may change soon).

5 July, 2011
It's been a long wait, but four new titles are finally revealed:
(sic 54) Praying For Oblivion 'Facade' C-35
(sic 60) Murder Book 'Under The Green Sea Drowning' 10"
(sic 62) 2673 'What Reveals The Heavens Can Be Found On Earth' CD
(sic 64) Isomer 'Nil By Mouth' CD
More coming very soon - 2011 is a year of invigoration. Distribution catalogue is also updated with some very choice items.

November 8, 2010
The American dollar sucks. Prices have had to be adjusted accordingly.

August 3, 2010
Still here, and with some long overdue (and hopefully welcome) releases:
(sic 58) Bacillus 'Anthracis' b-card CDR
(sic 59) V/A 'Night Science IV' 'zine & CD (feat. Hum Of The Druid, Raionbashi, Golden Serenades, Kazumoto Endo, Dieter Müh, The Haters and Halthan).
The CD sale continues, although the price has been updated by a couple of dollars to reflect the ever-aggrievous prices of Australia Post as recently increased again.
Even during this quiet time I've been progressing ideas for future releases, and a few more ideas are on the page listing upcoming releases. There is a lot to look forward to.

January 23, 2010
It's quiet here, life has gotten in the way of my various label plans and things are effectively on hold for another couple of months.
A lot of this unfortunately revolves around dollars - yep - so in an effort to get things kick-started a little sooner I've added a sale price for ordering two Cipher Productions CDs/CDRs; the second one comes in at less than half price.
I've also undertaken a major distribution update, I hope you find something you like.
Thanks to everyone for their patience.

August 29, 2009
(sic 52) Guilty Connector 'Ikomayam Stars 'n' Nishinari EP' 7"
(sic 53) Azoikum 'Anthropophagy' CDR
(sic 55) Mania 'Aggrievous Abominations & Disorder' C-30
(sic 56) Altar Of Flies 'Black Tunnels' C-20 (including special edition with 5")
are all available, together with a distribution update. Once again I'm very pleased with these new releases, and early reactions to these - and The Vomit Arsonist CD - have been very positive.
A Warmth/Anakrid collaborative lathe-cut 8" should happen this year, in partnership with Black Horizons from San Francisco. Tapes from Fecalove, Kam Hassah and Keränen are in the works. For the remainder of the year I plan on realising the N. 10", Praying For Oblivion tape, 2673 CDR, Murder Book lathe-cut 11" and 'Night Science IV'. 'St Valentine's Day' 4-way split is also looming and will be one to listen out for.

July 24, 2009
(sic 57) The Vomit Arsonist 'Wretch' CD is now available. This disc is earlier than scheduled, thanks to the amazing promptness of Dual Plover's disc manufacturing service. 'Wretch' is co-released with Force Of Nature.
To follow in about two weeks are:
(sic 52) Guilty Connector 'Ikomayam Stars 'n' Nishinari EP' 7"
(sic 53) Azoikum 'Anthropophagy' CDR
(sic 55) Mania 'Aggrievous Abominations & Disorder' C-30
(sic 56) Altar Of Flies 'Black Tunnels' C-20 (including special edition with 5"). All are practically there, just need to put on a few finishing touches and get the artists' copies out.
The distribution list will be slowly updated over the next few weeks, all sold out titles should be removed but there are a good quantity of new titles to add, which I haven't found time to do yet.
If you want to place a reservation on any label or distribution titles ahead of the forthcoming releases, please email me and I'll be happy to accommodate your request.

March 21, 2009
First posted updated for the year is a good one. Now available are:
(sic 51) BT. HN. 'Valastro' C-21
(sic 47) Wilt 'Southern Cross' 7" + C-40
(sic 42) K2 'Target To Nowhere' CDR (including a version in limited edition packaging)
(sic 39) Astro 'Shell Star/Spica' CD
(sic 0) Chrysalis 'Complicit' C-40 (released for some February 2009 performances, I have a small number of copies remaining)
Updates to the upcoming and distribution pages have also been made, please check for full details. The Guilty Connector and Anakrid 7"s should be next.
Thanks for any and all support.

November 1, 2008
Astro CD is at the plant, I'm advised the vinyl portions of the Wilt and Altar Of Flies releases can be expected by year's end, and the Mania master has arrived. Murder Book is also recording material for a severely limited lathe-cut 11" release, and plans are afoot for a mighty fine split CD.
Look for new releases early in the new year, and thank you to everyone for their support during 2008.

November 1, 2008
Some ostensibly quieter times as progress continues on upcoming work - the Astro CD is intended to arrive by year's end, hopefully together with a couple of CDR/cassette titles. Tisbor has been brought in for the design of the Azoikum CDR which I look forward to even more now.
The distribution list has been updated and international prices lowered in recognition of the recent slide of the Australian dollar - its loss is your gain!
The Seplophobia half of the split cassette has arrived and is being played relentlessly.
Mania, Forbidden Fuck (Sewer Election/Impregnable collaboration), Deathroes, Kazuma Kabota (ex-Bloody Letters) and Oleoresin Capsicum (ex-Dead Body Love/Drift) are all contributing material for upcoming releases, and I've also been asked to release an excellent CD of live collaborative material by John Murphy and Ben Taylor. Anyone and everyone who enjoyed 'Atomyriades' should find this new disc will suit their tastes also.
Doing an N. 10" was clearly a superb idea, most of the material is complete and it's fantastic. Agit8 is promising material for a limited lathe-cut 6" will be in my hands shortly, our little noisy chance to add another vinyl size to everyone's collection (well, mine anyway).
Revised Guilty Connector 7" audio and artwork master is on the way, that and the Anakrid 7" are being sent to the plant together and are expected early in 2009 along with - hopefully - the fourth issue of 'Night Science' which, scarily, is shaping up to be even bigger than the last one.

September 5, 2008
After an unexpected delay, these titles are all available:
(sic 43) Knife City 'Hex Inheritance' 2xC-35
(sic 45) Priest In Shit 'Our Population In Ruins' C-60
(sic 49) Dieter Müh & Mnem 'Atomyriades' CD
Thank you to those who continue to provide support and encouragement, I am confident there will be at least a couple more releases before the year's end.
The artwork for the Astro 'Shell Star/Spica' CD has finally been sorted with some excellent work by Mike Shiflet, who of course was/is responsible for the Gameboy label and who also did the artwork for (sic 29). 5" Altar Of Flies and 7" Wilt lathe-cut vinyls are with Peter King for manufacture, and I am in discussions to welcome a couple of projects back with new releases on Cipher, including a 6" lathe-cut vinyl. I do love those formats. Pressed 7" releases from Anakrid and Guilty Connector are expected soon, together with a further hit of tape and CDR releases. The Karlheinz CD continues to progress towards completion and is absolutely worth the wait. Last but not least, the lineup for 'Night Science IV' has been settled and a growing body of work is coming together for the next issue which should be completed early in 2009.
Distribution updates continue to be conducted regularly.

March 22, 2008
These titles are all now available:
(sic 37) Stegm 'Harm Reduction' lathe-cut 12"/C-35
(sic 46) Glass Organ & Taiga Remains split lathe-cut 12"
(sic 48) Ichorous & Broken Diode 'Malevolence Vol. 1' C-24
Please read the ordering instructions carefully when placing an order. Thank you.
Another distribution update has also been performed, plenty of new and excellent titles including a swag of great new titles from some smaller Japanese labels including Chi Omega Institute, Dotsmark, Final Scato and Noise Ninja.
In some other news, and after much debate, the NIDWST 12" has been cancelled. Jason Crumer has agreed to record a solo 12" in its place, and in due course. A couple of new vinyl plans can be found on the Upcoming page and most definitely ease the pain; I also have a few more ideas which are yet to be committed to, but which should interest.
The Chrysalis live page has also finally undergone updating, I must say it was great to do a short but very sweet collaborative set with Agit8 recently, and to also play down here in Hobart again after another long break.
Immediate future release plans remain the CDs listed below, the K2 and Azoikum CDRs, and cassette material from Priest In Shit, BT.HN and Knife City.

February 15, 2008
These titles are all now available:
(sic 44) The Rita & Wilt 'Werewolf In The Black Space' CD
(sic 41) Clew Of Theseus 'The Playground Of The Damned' CDR
(sic 38) Weak Sisters 'Clairvoyance' C-46
A large distribution update has also finally been undertaken.
To follow very shortly are the Stegm LP/C-35, the Fire In The Head/Hum Of The Druid split 12" and the Glass Organ/Taiga Remains split 12".
The Karlheinz, Astro and Dieter Muh/Mnem CDs are all extremely close to being ready, as are a number of the tape and CDR releases. More vinyl is also in the works. Please check the 'upcoming' page for full details.
Chrysalis recently performed in Melbourne and I'm looking forward to doing so again. A Brisbane performance is also in the works.

December 1, 2007
The Wilt & The Rita 'Werewolf In The Black Space' CD is at the pressing plant, it should be back in time for copies to make it to Chicago for January, but it's a busy time of year (of course) so there is a decent chance yet that delays could see that deadline over-run.
The Dieter Müh & Mnem collaborative CD master has arrived and is sure to please fans of both, as it did me. The BT.HN master has also arrived and is downright scary, revealing some really blunt dynamics - again, those who appreciate this project will enjoy what 'Valastro' has to offer.
Small distrubition update completed.

November 17, 2007
Hefty distribution list update undertaken, including the removal of sold out items. The new titles have all been received extremely well; the Schimpfluch 9" sold out quickly, and some of the others (particularly the T. Mikawa & Cracksteel tape and the Cloama boxset) are getting low on numbers. Molehill, Neuroscan, Segerhuva and Black Horizons should have titles available by now, and Freak Animal, RRR, Cold Spring and Hospital Productions should have titles soon, with hopefully more in due course.
New CDR masters have been received from K2 and Azoikum, both are to kill for. A BT.HN cassette release, including live material, can also be expected in the not-too-distant-future. Glass Organ & Taiga Remains LPs are expected back in February together with the Hum Of The Druid & Fire In The Head LPs.
(sic 44), the CD reissue (with bonus track) of the Wilt/The Rita 'The Werewolf In Black Space', will be released shortly and in time for The Rita's live performance in Chicago on 8 January 2008. I expect to be present, as do Wilt, for that.

October 6, 2007
Sorry for the extended silence - things have been busy, just not here on the website. The distribution list remains as up to date as possible (including an update today).
And now for the awesome news - these titles are all now available:
(sic 29) TADM/Timisoara 'I Am Not Dying In A Nightmare' CDR + 3"CDR
(sic 31) Cloama 'In The State Of Unbelief' 7" (boxset and standard versions both available)
(sic 32) T. Mikawa & Cracksteel 'Fuck My Ass: Live At BinSpark' C-46
(sic 33) Origami Bondepraktika & Origami Subtropika & Origami Synergika collaborative fan-CDR
(sic 34) Schimpfluch-Commune Int. 'For The Tasmanian Devils' lathe-cut 9"
(sic 35) The Fortieth Day 'Pelusium: 540 AD' C-62
(sic 40) Government Alpha 'The Day Of The Light Crimson' C-20.
The Schimpfluch 9" and Cloama boxset will not be available from distributors, but only from me or the respective artists.
My main focus for the remainder of the year is to get the Hum Of The Druid/Fire In The Head and Glass Organ/Taiga Remains split LPs out, followed by the Astro and The Rita/Wilt CD reissues. The lathe-cut 12" of Stegm's 'Harm Reduction' is here (20 copies only), just have to do covers for both these and the cassette edition. The 2673 CDR and some other tape releases are also underway, and 2008 is looking fucking awesome too - please have a look at the upcoming page for an idea. I'll also endeavour to ensure this news page is updated a little more frequently to fill in some of the gaps. I'm told the finishing touches to the Karlheinz CD are progressing well, I'm very excited about this one after talking/thinking about it so much.

November 22, 2006
All copies of the Mlehst 8" are now on hold or have been sold. I will make an announcement if any held copies become available. Thankyou for such a great response. Given the demand a reissue would seem appropriate.

November 21, 2006
(sic 22) V/A "Night Science III" CD + 'zine (with Prurient, Edwige, Yellow Cab, Romance, Astro, Defektro and Armenia as well as an Abisko interview and over 185 reviews) is now available
(sic 24) Mlehst "Inedible Harvest" lathe-cut 8" is now available
(sic 25) Maim "Coda" C-46 is now available
(sic 26) Phroq "77 Sound Objects" CDR is now available
(sic 27) Riverbed Mausoleum "Plangent Dolor/Mármol" double cassette is now available
(sic 30) Conversations About The Light "Barren Eyelids Flowering" 3"CDR is now available
A PayPal shopping cart has been installed for your ordering convenience, and a host of new distribution titles have been added in recent weeks.

May 13, 2006
(sic 5) Facialmess & Hana Kodama split 12" now available
(sic 19) Control & Grunt & Moribund & Propergol "St Bartholomew's Day" 2xC-30 (2nd ed.) now available
(sic 23) Aube "Comet" 2xCD now available
(sic 28) Gelsomina "Nostalghia" CD (reissue of the c-60 with a bonus live collaboration with Grunt) now available
Please visit the ordering page for full details.
(sic 23) and (sic 28) are co-releases with Troniks and MIR respectively.

January 21, 2006
(sic 20) Terg/Lowlife/Âmes Sanglantes 'Humanity Is Entertainment' 3x3"CDR; and
(sic 21) Âmes Sanglantes 'Le Cri Du Pendu' CDR are now available.
There are two copies left of the special edition of (sic 21), both with a large size t-shirt. (sic 20) is a co-release with Vene.
The second test pressing of (sic 5) has arrived, more on this shortly.
Chrysalis will soon appear on the 'Like A Frog In Winter' 12" (Hospital) and 'Satanic Warfare' 8xC-40 (Harsh Head Rituals) in coming months, and work progresses to finish the tape for Monorail. Poor Jon, you sure are patient. A collaboration with Cloama is also in the works, as are vague plans for a trip up to Brisbane.
The Aube 2CD and 'Night Science III' are next, as is the 12" if all goes well, followed by the Gelsomina CD, TADM/Timisoara split and a few tapes. Mlehst is to record a lathe-cut 8" for Cipher, some welcome news for the first update of 2006!
Finally, the new broadcast of internet-based Radio Hostile is a feature on Cipher Productions, broadcasting a selection of our out of print titles including work by Chrysalis, Astro, Pedestrian Deposit, Control, Werewolf Jerusalem, With Exposed Nerve and Guilty Connector. How cool is that!

December 10, 2005
The special edition of the Âmes Sanglantes 'Le Cri Du Pendu' release is now available for pre-order.
This special edition is limited to 20 copies only, and includes the CDR, a 3"CDR with nearly 20 minutes of bonus material, and a t-shirt echoing the cover design:

The reason pre-orders are being done is so that t-shirts can be printed in the correct size for each owner.
The price for the set is (inclusive of airmail postage to anywhere) $45us. Australian customers pay $55au.
To pre-order, please send an e-mail to cipherproductions@lycos.com to check availability and to confirm your t-shirt size.
Payment is accepted via PayPal or cash sent in the post.
The special edition will ship before the standard edition becomes available.
The special edition will be sent on either 22 December 2005 or January 18 2006, depending on when I can inform the screenprinter what size t-shirts to print.
Please make contact should you have any further questions in relation to this item.

September 3, 2005
(sic 1) is now available.

August 21, 2005
(sic 5) has been sent for pressing while Kelly Churko's remastering of (sic 21) and the Origami collaborative 3"CDR have been completed.
(sic 1) is ready and is to be released shortly.

May 7, 2005
Second edition of (sic 17) is sold out. Sorry.

April 27, 2005
Bit of a general update undertaken, including the distribution list, Chrysalis live pictures, etcetera.
(sic 15), (sic 16), (sic 18) and (sic 19) are all sold out. A second edition of (sic 19) will emerge later this year. If you missed out on any of these fine titles, try Freak Animal, RRR, Self Abuse, MSBR, Segerhuva, Molehill or Tesco for some titles.
The reissue of (sic 17) is now available.
Masters have been received for the Origami collaborative 3"CDR (feat. Karl Midholm, Jorge Castro and Lasse Marhaug) as well as a remarkable piece of harsh noise called "The Album" by NIDWST - so remarkable it'll be our second 12" vinyl release.
The 'Dead At Der Sataan' CDR on Voltagestress*r has been released, Chrysalis is first up with a live-to-radio piece recorded in early 2004.

March 19, 2005
The first edition of (sic 17) is sold out. Expect a second edition (minus the b-card CDR) in a month or so.

March 12, 2005
(sic 12) is sold out.
Soon, the forgotten: (sic 1) and (sic 5).

February 19, 2005
Now available:
-(sic 16) Cracksteel 'Felucca' C-46
-(sic 17) Agit8 'I Crusader, No Retreat' C-20 & b-card CDR
-(sic 18) The Cherry Point 'Rusted Gut' C-30
-(sic 19) Control/Grunt/Moribund/Propergol 'St. Bartholomew's Day' 2xC-30
-an assload of new distribution titles
I've had to add a $1 impost where orders from outside Australia are for a single item only. International postage costs kill, and the US dollar sucks.
Chryasalis track coming any day now on the 'Dead At Der Sataan' CDR (Voltagestress*R), also I think the 'Scared To Death' b-card CDR (PACrec). Track submitted to Hospital for the 'Like A Frog In Winter' cassette compilation.

February 12, 2005
(sic 16), (sic 17), (sic 18) and (sic 19) will all be available from February 14 as intended. A full website update will follow over the next week -- I have three Chrysalis performances this week, so don't have time to make all the necessary changes right now.

November 27, 2004
(sic 7) KA 'Water Mertz' CDR and (sic 12) Werewolf Jerusalem 'There Are Four Doors' C-50 are both released. Extended tracks from each albeit at opposite ends of the experimental spectrum.
(sic 5) has suffered a minor set-back, Sewer Records has withdrawn from the project to concentrate on rent, food and other life necessities. Cipher will see this amazing piece of vinyl released... I don't often say this: but buy our stuff! Purchases mean this record is realised faster.
Maim release planned for 2005, also new material has been added to the original 1995 TADM/Timisoara split CDR, so this release will be a double disc effort. Master received from The Cherry Point, the harsh cassettes soon.
Chrysalis will appear on a Voltagestress*r compilation of live harsh noise, to be released in January. This track was taken from my live performance to Edge Radio in February.
New reviews added to the Press page, including one from Bananafish.

October 9, 2004
(sic 13.5) is sold out, as is (sic 11) Âmes Sanglantes 'No More Nothing' C-60. Look for a possible reissue in standard packaging when the 'Le Cri Du Pendu' CDR gets released. Phroq CDR and TADM/Timisoara CDR (or 2xCDR) are in the works for late this year/early next year. (sic 1) has been finished and sent for mastering and finalising of the artwork.

September 8, 2004
(sic 13) 'Night Science II' 'zine is now released, as is a bonus (sic 13.5) 'Skeletone Sampler' 3"CDR which comes inserted into the first 50 copies of the 'zine. I apologise now for the postage cost, it's excessive in my mind, but beyond my control. Also released is (sic 15) Chrysalis 'Blood Libel' C-01. The C-01 cost me more to produce than I'm selling it for, so I'm only making it available if you order something else.
(sic 4) V/A 'Underground Australia' is listed at MSBR in their Recommended 20. I appreciate the recommendation.
'Cataclastic Fracture 2' compilation CD arrived... what can I say? Three years on, and I don't really think much of my track. But gratitude to Deadline for my inclusion and their support.
The next CDR releases are nearing completion, then the Agit8/Cracksteel/The Cherry Point noise cassette trilogy is to be unleashed following that.
Distribution catalogue is also updated.

June 18, 2004
Disitribution list again updated. Chrysalis performances now scheduled for June 26 and August 7. More info on the appropriate page.

May 24, 2004
Distribution page has been updated - check out some great stuff. The Âmes Sanglantes cassette is nearly sold out, and the Astro sets are also going fast. Next up should be KA and Werewolf Jerusalem. Have received an AMAZING Agit8 cassette master, and am also expecting a cassette master from the one and only Cracksteel (!!) soon-ish. We are sitting on some great material here, which will see the light of day as quickly as I can get them lined up. The Chrysalis live performances were a success, if only that 'record' button had worked for the latter effort. Am organising a Tasmanian noise/industrial/whatever-fest for Hobart, probably to coincide with the August Coven. I use the suffix 'fest' not entirely in seriousness. Further Clustas are also being mooted, so Chrysalis should be out and about in Hobart a little more this year. Deadline just released 'Cataclastic Fracture 2', a compilation CD including a track from Chrysalis. Oh yeah: 'Night Science II' is delayed, but an interim (I and a half) issue is being attempted to clear out some reviews before they become obsolete.

March 26, 2004
(sic 14) Pop Culture Rape Victim 'Montanoise' video/3"CDR set is now available. If you're in the USA or Japan, get an NTSC version from Pop Culture Rape Victim directly, as I have none.
Chrysalis has two forthcoming live appearances: this coming Sunday, March 28, live to Edge Radio from 11pm Tasmanian time. The broadcast is internet streamed (use the Real Audio stream if the Windows Media Player stream fails to work) - consult http://www.timezoneconverter.com for a conversion. This performance is in collaboration with Idiot Lust (aka one half of Sokuseki-Men). The second performance is a solo effort, April 16th at Mobius in Hobart. show starts at 9:30pm and ends at 2am. More details to follow.

March 5, 2004
(sic 9) Astro 'Shell Star/Spica' and (sic 10) Origami Subtropika 'Bomb Shelter Lullabies' have both been released and are now available for your listening pleasure. Excellent works from both artists, these have me truly excited.
Work is slow on (sic 13), but two further releases have been confirmed - a limited video (PAL format)/3"CDR set from Pop Culture Rape Victim, coming at the end of this month, and also a second Âmes Sanglantes release, this time on CDR format. 'Le Cri Du Pendu' was originally intended to be a double cassette; this version will be a trimmed down 80 minutes of its finest contents.
Expect some new distribution titles to filter in over the coming weeks.

December 28, 2003
The Luasa Raelon release is sold out bar some copies I have on reserve for people. If you're keen, you're welcome to let me know on the off-chance someone won't come through.
(sic 10) Origami Subtropika 'Bomb Shelter Lullabies' is due for release early in the new year, featuring unique inner sleeve artwork by Marcel Herms. (sic 9) Astro 'Shell Star/Spica' 2x3"CDR should follow around a week later provided construction of the packaging proceeds smoothly.
(sic 13) V/A 'Night Science II' 'zine/CD is nearing completion, albeit slower than I had anticipated. The confirmed line-up is: Astro, Prurient, Armenia, Steel Hook Prostheses, Yellow Cab and Defektro.
Chrysalis is currently recording two more compilation tracks (the last for some time) for Rancid Shitwank and Hospital Productions.
Lastly (it really should have been first for added emphasis), I have a whole TWO copies of the fantastic Agit8 'Ache' CDR for distribution.... brutal harsh noise for your CD player AND for your computer multimedia. The distribution section has undergone a much-needed overhaul, so it should be up to date now.

October 10, 2003
(sic 6) Luasa Raelon 'As Above, So Below' 2xC-20 is now available. Excuse the postage price, it is unavoidable.
(sic 10) is now a business card CDR, not a 3"CDR as originally intended.
Preparation is well underway for what will be (sic 13): V/A 'Night Science II' 'zine & CD.

September 11, 2003
(sic 11) Âmes Sanglantes 'No More Nothing' C-60 is now available.

August 22, 2003
A new home! Phil Blankenship bagged out our pop-up ads and responded with generosity by hosting the Cipher Productions website - the new url is http://iheartnoise.com/cipherproductions
'Night Science' is indeed sold out - try Freak Animal, RRR, Self Abuse or Groundfault for remaining copies.
The Âmes Sanglantes and Luasa Raelon releases are to be ready within weeks.

July 7, 2003
(sic 2) V/A 'Night Science' 'zine/CDR is very nearly sold out. The next issue is currently being prepared for an anticipated December release.
We are pleased to be able to offer a range of Agit8 items through our distribution - great noise, fantastic handmade packaging and the best way to currently get these items! Score! We'll also be stocking the releases of a new Texan label, Dada Drumming, the first being the return of Cipher pin-up boy Deadly Orifice.
(sic 5) is to be sent for pressing the end of this month; (sic 6) and (sic 7) are very near completion, as is (sic 1), believe it or not!
The radio show was fun and another appearance is being mooted.
Chrysalis is working on pieces for compilation works being released by Anima Mal Nata and PACrec, as well as new material and a remix of some work by Mondas.

June 20, 2003
The host of Edge FM's 'Outer Limits' show has been kind enough to allow Cipher Productions two hours of air time this coming Sunday, June 22.
A webcast is available HERE or by pointing your web browser to http://www.edgeradio.org.au/listen.html
10pm until midnight eastern Australian time, try http://www.timezoneconverter.com to ascertain what time this equates to in your locale. An airing of previous, current and future Cipher Productions efforts is anticipated, as well as this being an attempt at a noise 'primer' for local residents.

June 5, 2003
(sic 3) Pop Culture Rape Victim & Deadly Orifice 'Necesito Para Comer' cassette is now SOLD OUT. You may find RRRecords have a copy still available.

May 25, 2003
(sic 4) V/A 'Underground Australia' cassette compilation now available - please see the Discography page for full artist list - ordering details for this and all other products on the Ordering page.
The Chrysalis performance yesterday evening went well, thankyou for asking.

May 11, 2003
(sic 8) Pedestrian Deposit & Chrysalis split business card CDR is finally available.
(sic 4) V/A 'Underground Australia' will follow in several days.
Some Chrysalis news: aside from the newly-released split CDR and a track on the 'Underground Australia' cassette, Chyrsalis also has a short track on the '(A Study In) Dead Audio Tape' cassette compilation just released on Deadline Productions. Also please note a forthcoming live appearance on May 24, to celebrate the launch of local jesters Sokuseki-Men's new CD. More details to follow.

April 29, 2003
Final 'Underground Australia' track received, only for me to solicit another track - this time from Halo. Gratitude for their quick response, this won't delay completion of the compilation.
'Water Mertz' master (sic 7) received from KA, now working on graphics and layout.
Look for a possible Âmes Sanglantes release.

March 27, 2003
Luasa Raelon cassette box set has the working title of 'As Above, So Below'.
Chrysalis half of (sic 8) is undergoing an MDB remaster for added brutality.
Where is the final 'Underground Australia' track? Don't even ask.
Look for a possible Origami Subtropika 3"CDR release.

March 6, 2003
(sic 8) - Pedestrian Deposit/Chrysalis split business card CDR is completed and will be released in coming weeks.
Hana Kodama material for split LP received.

February 9, 2003
'Underground Australia' awaits one final track. Will be a C-100 cassette.
New website design up soon.
Look for some great upcoming releases: an as yet unnamed Luasa Raelon cassette, and a limited CDR entitled 'Water Merz' by Norwegian electroacousic/ambient troupe KA.
(sic 1) is now a split 3"CDR release between Chrysalis and Agit8. Soon.

January 13, 2003
Streicher, Agit8, Mark Harwood/Rodney Cooper and Miles Brown submissions received for 'Underground Australia' - they just keep on coming! At this rate the release will have to be a double cassette.
A website redesign is underway courtesy of MDB (Agit8).
Down to the last five or six copies of (sic 3) - 'Necesito Para Comer' cassette. Unlikely to be re-printed.

December 31, 2002
(sic 2) V/A 'Night Science' CDR/'zine now available - ordering details on the ordering page.

December 4, 2002
'Underground Australia' submissions received from Near Earth Objects, Undecisive God, Insuanto Men and Isomer. 'Night Science' discs look sweet. Vice writer Russ Waterhouse is currently exploring the world of Humectant Interruption for the 'Night Science' 'zine.

October 29, 2002
'Underground Australia' submissions received from W.I.T. and Rancid Shitwank. I swear 'Night Science' is close to completion - discs off to the manufacturer this week.

October 21, 2002
(sic 3) Pop Culture Rape Victim/Deadly Orifice 'Necesito Para Comer' split C-90 is released - ordering details on the ordering page.

October 14, 2002
Mastering month; the re-mastered PCRV/Deadly Orifice is on its way. As soon as it arrives we should be good to go. The Humectant Interruption tracks for 'Night Science' have also undergone mastering - we're now waiting on artistic approval. The 'zine component is all but completed; no further room for review titles, sorry. K2's track 'Blackout Breakout' has arrived and barely left the CD player. Stunning.
'Sacred Silence' has been delayed because I just don't have the time to finish it up right now.

September 9, 2002
Okay, so 'Necesito Para Comer' isn't out yet. Should only be a few weeks away, though.
The mastering for the Chrysalis disc is proceeding, but needs more work.
The K2 contribution for 'Night Science' is on its way.
Expect sound samples from a number of forthcoming releases to be up on here soon.

August 5, 2002
Seeking contributions for (sic4) - 'Underground Australia' compilation cassette. Two requirements: you have to be Australian, and you have to be noisy.

July 29, 2002
Just an initial few points:
Chrysalis 'Sacred Silence' 3"CDR is nearly completed, so now we wait for mastering, tweaking and other fun. Should be finished within two months.
'Night Science' 'zine & compilation CDR is coming together slowly as we await contributions from K2 and Humectant Interruption. The submissions received and interviews conducted so far have me sure this will be fantastic. We are still accepting review submissions, but space is closing up.
Pop Culture Rape Victim/Deadly Orifice 'Necesito Para Comer' split cassette will probably be done first. Master tape is on the way, so all should be completed some time in August/September.