Double flamethrower unit from Los Angeles.


Phil Blankenship // John Wiese

“Asthma” 7" (Helicopter)
“Curtains” cd (PACrec)
“Electrophorous” lp (JYRK)
“Even Still” 2xcd (Troniks)
“Fascination” 7" (Swampland)
“Hands of the Priestess” 7" (Miisc)
“Hotel Fire” 7" (P Tapes)
“Limbs of the Fawn” cd (Misanthropic Agenda)
“Lock Up” 7" (Helicopter)
“Los Angeles” 2x7" (Troniks)
“Normandie” 2x7" lathe (Tape Room)
“Opaque” cd (RRR/Pure)
“Trap” lp (Troniks)
“Triple Void” lp (Chondritic Sound)
“Untitled” 7" acetate (Private Session)
“Veiled” 7" (Helicopter)
“Young & Restless” cd (Blossoming Noise)

split w/ IMMACULATE:GROTESQUE lp (Truculent)