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sic89 V/A
Night Science V 'zine & CD - AVAILABLE
colossal new issue with killer lineup and extensive review material
sic87 Theologian
Bone Marrow Golem C-20 - SOLD OUT
synth-death propheteering
sic84 Arkhe
the weight of negative space
sic80 Jah Excretion & Torturing Nurse
blasting noise split
sic82 Smell & Quim & Onomatopoeia
Live At Kirkstall Lites CD - AVAILABLE
corrosively treated live collaboration
sic80 Hal Hutchinson
Metalworks 7" - SOLD OUT
abrasive factory of metal noise
sic80 Rope Society
One Word Definition C-35 - SOLD OUT
putrescent blasts of hardened noise
sic79 Dead Boomers
Outcalls C-11 - AVAILABLE
layered power electronics/industrial anthems
sic78 Rudolf & Komissar Hjuler
sic77 Haare
A Split Second In Eternity C-40 - SOLD OUT
slow-motion noise/drone hallucinations
sic76 Explosive Improvised Device
Kunlangeta C-46 - AVAILABLE
high-energy noise focus
sic75 Body Cargo & Pogrom
Resistance CD - AVAILABLE
harrowing Lithuanian power electronics/postmortem
sic74 VipCancro & Andrea Borghi
immersive organic sound paired with crumbling arid noise
sic73 Government Alpha & Xtematic
Sound Rarefaction 12" - SOLD OUT
obscure Japanese/Croatian noiseambient collaboration
sic72 Amputation Theory
Voyeur C-70 - AVAILABLE
sexsweat-soaked junknoise perversions
sic71 John Murphy & Ben Taylor
noir ambient-industrial improvisations
sic70 Brume
Quicksand C-70 - SOLD OUT
post-industrial quake and temperance
sic69 Keränen
As Below So Above C-35 - SOLD OUT
agile live noise bombast
sic68 Kazuma Kubota & Self-Inflicted Violence
agile cuts of harsh noise
sic67 K2
Junk-A-Tohgenkyo CD - AVAILABLE
fierce metal junk live assaults
sic66 Fecalove
Total Fucking Ignorance C-40 - SOLD OUT
charged harsh noise filthiness
sic65 Diagram: A
Eraser_Fill_Show C-35 - SOLD OUT
dying mechanics frenzy
sic64 Isomer
Nil By Mouth CD - SOLD OUT
limited tour CDEP of layered modern power electronics
sic63 GM Electronics
Manticore 3"CDR - AVAILABLE
explosive synth saturation and abrasion
sic62 2673
What Reveals The Heavens Can Be Found On Earth CD - AVAILABLE
minimal synth needling meets colossal dynamic rupture
sic61 GX Jupitter-Larsen & Winters In Osaka
Giant Baba 7" - AVAILABLE
wrestling lock groove chaos!
sic60 Murder Book
Under The Green Sea Drowning 10" - AVAILABLE
industrial drift and choked guitar decay
sic59 V/A
Night Science IV 'zine & CD - AVAILABLE
colossal new issue with killer lineup and extensive review material
sic58 Bacillus
Anthracis b-card CDR - SOLD OUT
virulent, hazardous spills of harsh noise
sic57 The Vomit Arsonist
turmoiled and thoughtful power electronics fluctuations meet strangled vocals and reflective counterpoint
sic56.5 Altar Of Flies
Black Tunnels C-20 + 5" - SOLD OUT
special packaging edition including bonus lathe-cut 5" vinyl
sic56 Altar Of Flies
Black Tunnels C-20 - SOLD OUT
dimly-lit industrial infestations of poison and slow expiration
sic55 Mania
Aggrievous Abominations & Disorder C-30 - SOLD OUT
sniping, ugly, brutish wad of harsh contact and grain
sic54 Praying For Oblivion
Façade C-35 - AVAILABLE
primitive noise/industrial cassette saturation and live feedback rush
sic53 Azoikum
Anthropophagy CDR - SOLD OUT
measured, distinct, textured exploration of fetishised power electronics
sic52 Guilty Connector
Ikomayam Stars 'n' Nishinari EP 7" - AVAILABLE
delicate, powerful, detailed drone hits
sic51 BT. HN.
Valastro C-21 - SOLD OUT
rigid harsh noise collides with noirish samples and blunt dynamic crunch
sic49 Dieter Müh & Mnem
Atomyriades CD - AVAILABLE
mythic collaboration attaining astral sonics and reaching ambience
sic48 Ichorous & Broken Diode
Malevolence Vol. 1 C-24 - AVAILABLE
classic harsh noise split cassette
sic47 Wilt
Southern Cross 7" + C-40 - SOLD OUT
ashen electronics bile and curious, downcast gaspings
sic46 Glass Organ & Taiga Remains
12" - SOLD OUT
split LP of hazy tone and droned daze pushing towards the sunlight
sic45 Priest In Shit
Our Population In Ruins C-60 - SOLD OUT
abrasive harsh noise dynamics collide with perturbed minimalistic searchings
sic44 The Rita & Wilt
Werewolf In The Black Space CD - AVAILABLE
murderous rampaging The Rita material shaped, shrouded and clouded by Wilt
sic43 Knife City
Hex Inheritance 2xC-35 - AVAILABLE
thoughtful collection of gritty noise workings and expert textural explorations
sic42 K2
Target To Nowhere CDR - SOLD OUT
cutting object maelstrom and angered electronics/junks interplay
sic41 Clew Of Theseus
The Playground Of The Damned CDR - AVAILABLE
classic, refined set of finessed and extreme noise compositions
sic40 Government Alpha
The Day Of The Light Crimson C-20 - SOLD OUT
histrionic harshness from the always reliable Government Alpha
sic39 Astro
Shell Star/Spica CD - AVAILABLE
reissue of the 2004 release. analog synth manipulation from a former CCCC member
sic38 Weak Sisters
Clairvoyance C-46 - SOLD OUT
joyous noise explorations and grinding harsh saturation
sic37 Stegm
Harm Reduction 12"/C-35 - SOLD OUT
morbid analog synth and disturbing dirge
sic36 Hum Of The Druid & Fire In The Head
abrasive grit amid rusted spaciousness, and heavy electronic/environmental reaches rising to industrial bombast
sic35 The Fortieth Day
Pelusium: 540 AD C-62 - SOLD OUT
ashen Chicago smog chokes the tape heads
sic34 Schimpfluch-Commune Int.
For The Tasmanian Devils 9" - SOLD OUT
all-new creations from the Schimpfluch trio inspired by Tasmania's unique wildlife
sic33 Origami Bondepraktika & Origami Subtropika & Origami Synergika
exquisite experimental collaboration and source material manipulation
sic32 T Mikawa & Cracksteel
Fuck My Ass: Live At BinSpark C-46 - SOLD OUT
two live sets balancing dynamic electronics tension with crumbling harsh walls
sic31a Cloama
In The State Of Unbelief 7" + C-10 boxset- SOLD OUT
bitter power electronics layers and raw throwback aggression
sic31b Cloama
In The State Of Unbelief 7" - SOLD OUT
bitter power electronics layers and raw throwback aggression
sic30 Conversations About The Light
Barren Eyelids Flowering 3"CDR - AVAILABLE
beautiful and engaging yet simultaneously punctured and hostile; amazing
sic29 TADM & Timisoara
I Am Not Dying In A Nightmare CDR + 3"CDR - AVAILABLE
captivating shimmer and awe from Timisoara, obnoxious harsh saturation from TADM
sic28 Gelsomina
Nostalghia CD - AVAILABLE
painful, multi-edged ambientisharshfuckingnoise with a bonus Grunt collab
sic27 Riverbed Mausoleum
Plangent Dolor/Mármol C-15 + C-20 - SOLD OUT
shiveringly severe drone punctuated by haunting vocals and intense outbursts
sic26 Phroq
77 Sound Objects CDR - SOLD OUT
intricate set of trademark Phroq electroacoustic/noise collisions utilising unique objects
sic25 Maim
Coda C-46 - SOLD OUT
unrestrained noise punishment from our Scandinavian friend
sic24 Mlehst
Inedible Harvest 8" - SOLD OUT
perturbing whine and clutter, an uncomfortably intense slab of dreary electronics
sic23 Aube
Comet 2xCD - SOLD OUT
cosmic slab of chilling Aube sonics utilising icy textures and arid rhythms
sic22 V/A
Night Science III CD + 'zine - AVAILABLE
densest issue yet also with a full-length CD
sic21-5 Âmes Sanglantes
Le Cri Du Pendu CDR + 3"CDR + t-shirt - SOLD OUT
special edition of the CDR with a further 20 minutes of material and t-shirt
sic21 Âmes Sanglantes
Le Cri DU Pendu CDR - SOLD OUT
sickening, morbid, utterly bleak work rediscovered from 1999
sic20 Terg & Lowlife & Âmes Sanglantes
Humanity Is Entertainment 3x3"CDR - SOLD OUT
three shining examples of pure fucking contempt
sic19 Control & Grunt & Moribund & Propergol
St. Bartholomew's Day 2xC-30 - SOLD OUT
mammoth split of finessed power electronics, raw noise and smothering ambience
sic18 The Cherry Point
Rusted Gut C-30 - SOLD OUT
throat-slitting goodness from Los Angeles' favourite blood-letter
sic17 Agit8
I Crusader, No Retreat C-20 + business card CDR - SOLD OUT
harsh, precise, piercing work by Queensland's finest
sic16 Cracksteel
Felucca C-46 - SOLD OUT
windpipe-crushing Japanoise recording hidden away from 1995-1996 sessions
sic15 Chrysalis
Blood Libel C-01 - SOLD OUT
a juxtaposition of overloaded noise and discreet overbearance
sic14 Pop Culture Rape Victim
Montanoise video + 3"CDR - SOLD OUT
five crisp live performances in total spread over two mediums
sic13-5 V/A
Skeletone Sampler 3"CDR - SOLD OUT
ill, creepy bonus for 'Night Science II' purchasers
sic13 V/A
Night Science II 'zine - SOLD OUT
second issue following an excellent reception to the first!
sic12 Werewolf Jerusalem
There Are Four Doors C-50 - SOLD OUT
a Richard Ramirez side-project constructing dense, emotionless walls of noise
sic11 Âmes Sanglantes
No More Nothing C-60 - SOLD OUT
a lost recording of desolate noise
sic10 Origami Subtropika
Bomb Shelter Lullabies business card CDR - SOLD OUT
the sounds of warfare and anxiety caught up in static
sic9 Astro
Shell Star/Spica 2x3"CDR - SOLD OUT
analog synth manipulation from a former CCCC member
sic8 Chrysalis & Pedestrian Deposit
split business card CDR - SOLD OUT
five minute blast of harsh noise - straight to the point!
sic7 KA
subdued work of field recordings and serene undercurrents
sic6 Luasa Raelon
As Above, So Below 2xC-20 - SOLD OUT
cassette box set by this increasingly prolific artist spanning the depths of the stars and seas
sic5 Facialmess & Hana Kodama
split 12" - AVAILABLE
contrasting LP of Facialmess' brutal noise and Hana Kodama's subtle ambience
sic4 V/A
Underground Australia C-90 - AVAILABLE
homage to cassette culture showcasing the talent and range of Australian artists
sic3 Pop Culture Rape Victim & Deadly Orifice
Necesito Para Comer C-90 - SOLD OUT
two sides of bleak, black noise
sic2 V/A
Night Science 'zine + CDR - SOLD OUT
60 minute CDR and information-crammed 32 page 'zine
sic1 Chrysalis & Agit8
Sacred Silence 3"CDR - AVAILABLE
prophetic, heretical cut-up noise and post-traumatic ambience
sic0 Chrysalis
Complicit C-40 - SOLD OUT
concerned, unsettled, evasive noise composition teamed with varied expositive material